available for commercial works

✦ Terms of Service ✦

Please, read carefully before asking for a commission. These commissions are for personal use only, email me for commercial enquiries. Only Paypal (fee not included in the price). Must be paid up-front. No refunds. Props, pets or complicated designs may cost extra. Do not rush me, take into account I can take up to 2 months for a commission after payment. Payment must be sent in euros. This is not first come first serve, I will pick the commissions I prefer to draw, please don’t feel bad if yours isn’t picked now, it doesn’t mean I don’t like your character! OCs and fanart are OK! I prefer to draw girls, but feel free to send your form for other type of characters too. Please take into account that me taking commissions doesn’t mean I will put 100% of my time into them, I might draw other things, game or read in my free time. I may include your piece in my portfolio or an artbook, let me know beforehand if that would upset you. I may stream parts of the process of your commission on my Twitch channel but you can opt-out of this by paying a 10% fee..

✦ How to ✦

Fill in the form you can find in the previous page carefully. Commissions are now closed, but the waitlist is open. Submit the form to claim a slot in the waitlist and I will get back to you within a week. If your commission is accepted, you will be granted a slot and be able to see your spot in the waitlist through my trello page. Once your spot is reached, I will email you again with the final price and how to pay (please don't send any money before this step!). I will start to work after payment is done. I will send you the sketch so that you can request changes until you are satisfied (price includes 2 changes, any additional changes will be subject to an extra fee). When I have your okay, I will finish the picture and send it to you (full size png, 300dpi). Take into account I won’t make any changes in the lineart or colour phase. I willl never eyedrop a colour as I love creating whimsical palettes, please take this into account before commissioning me. And I hope you will be happy with it!

✦ Prices ✦